Stefan JugovicWebdesigner & Web developer

Jugovic Stefan
areas of expertise
  • Website Designs
  • Web Applications
  • Digital Marketing
  • Creative Marketing
  • Visual Communication
  • Social Media Influencing
  • Business Market Influencing
  • English (Native)
  • Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian (Native)
  • Ukrainian (Conversational)
  • Pусский язык (Conversational)
  • Polski (Conversational)
  • Spanish (Learning)

Visual Design ● Vector Art ● Illustrative Works ● Website Design ● Website Development ● SEO ● Digital Marketing ● Social Media Influencing ● Commercial IT Solutions

● Prints & Printed Marketing ● Printed Designs & Print Production ● Certified Expertize in Web Design ● (Referenced) Website Designs, Development & Maintenance of Commercial, Personal & Governmental Websites ● Digital Marketing, Market Influencing & (Business Market) Growth Hacking ● Search Engine Optimisation & Website Ranking (SERP) ● Organic Content Production, Creative Writing ● Visual, Graphic & Video Content Creation ● Online Solutions & Internet Oriented Programming ● Custom Coded Business Solutions ● Commercial IT Solutions for Web (Internet & Intranet) or Workstations (Desktops) ● Web Applicative Software (Web Apps Development) ● a Real-life Open-source Software Contributor & Enthusiast ● Web Hosting Services

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