Josip PavlicMember of the European Economic Advisory Board

areas of expertise
  • Wind projects
  • Hydropower plants
  • BHK
  • Geothermal projects
  • Water sources
  • Agricultural land
  • Wellness hotels
  • Croatian/Bosnian / Serbian
  • German
  • Slovenian

Josip Pavlic started his professional career as a construction technician at the Allianz Bank in Munich. Until he became self-employed in 1996 with his company Poly Pur doo, he was already managing director for several companies such as LTU-Süd, the Schloss zu Löwenstein and most recently as the executive board of Green Energy Germany AG. Mr Josip Pavlic has good contacts with the Croatian Government and the Ministry for Regional Development and Fund of the European Union and other authorities in the country. Mr Pavlic also has very good contacts with the Serbian – Bosnian government and projects in these countries.

Croatia as an interesting country for investment and development:

Since the change of government, Croatia has been a stable economic and political country. Annual growth rate (last two years) by 2.8%. Corruption is largely abolished. Large investors benefit from various grants, tax, etc. Eco energy projects as well as geothermal power plants for electricity / heat, wellness hotel thermal baths; Drinking water is a long-term profitable business.

For the expansion of the acquisition, market position – investment in the value-added projects, we are competent partners.

The expansion of projects benefits the investor from the German – Croatian executives. For investments of 1 to 3 million euros and 10 jobs, the investor pays only 10% tax distributed over 10 years. For investments over 3 million euros and at least 15 jobs, the investor pays 0% tax on 10 years.


+ 385-1-2012739; + 385-998-239958
Hrnjanec, Pavlici 1 10382, Donja Zelina, Hrvatska


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