Jasmina Racic (Pavlovic)

Jasmina PavlovicLegal counseling

areas of expertise
  • Enterpreneurship and investment
  • International economy
  • Franchize and business forums
  • Legal counseling
  • Faculty of Law, Belgrade University
  • Master studies at Business Academy Belgrade
  • Attending „Cambridge International School“


* High School of Law, Belgrade

* Graduated from the Faculty of Law, Belgrade University

* Master studies at “Business Academy Belgrade” in International Business

* Master academic studies business law “Union – Nikola Tesla“ University – title MASTER OF LAW

* International License for Project Management “Quality of Austria”

Work experience:

* State license exam in the Public enterprise “Railways of Serbia”, Belgrade, 4 Nemanjina Street, Development and Investment department – position: Legal officer for investment

* Founder and Director of “AmbassadorM”, the first private international brand Agency for mediating and brokerage for real estate transfer, 1996

* Founder and Editor of the first magazine in the Serbian and English language “LIFE STYLE” – a magazine in the areas of marketing and advising on investment in real estate, which is distributed worldwide via our diplomatic representatives

* Founder and Director of the consulting company “SR INVESTMENT ADVISORY GROUP”

* Partner – expert and equal member of ’’IFM – INSTITUT FUR DEN MITTELSTAND’’, European Business Support EU – representative for the Republic of Serbia

* Exclusive Representative CHINA METALLURGICAL CONSTRUCTION ENGINEERING GROUP SERBIA, Belgrade, China metallurgical group corporation , China

* Exclusive Representative »EUROSPED« , Bulgaria, Sofia /Airport


* Authored the “Study on the Research of Economic and Market Changes with a Focus on Specific Time Periods”, as well as in various risk situations. Research done in cooperation with the Fund for Young Talents and the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Serbia

* Realization of the registration and placement of the products of the Serbian factory „TERMOVENT“, Temerin in U.A.E. – partner ADNOC

* Realization of the registration and placement of the products of the Serbian factory „Timomed“, Knjazevac in U.A.E.

* Coordinator of international tender “Bank Rehabilitation Agency” – estimation and sale of property

* Agent for network expansion for “ EFG Bank Belgrade”

* Exclusive property (mortgages) sales agent for “Commercial Bank Belgrade”

* Exclusive agent for USAID in Belgrade (evaluation of real estate)

* Exclusive property sales agent for “Beobanke Beograd” in bankruptcy

* Verified expert for property evaluation for loans (for residents and businesses)

* Business leader and coordinator of establishing labour in the Republic of Serbia for embassies: EU, Ukraine, Algeria, Kuwait, Azerbaijan, Romania, Slovakia, Morocco, Nigeria, Angola, etc.

* Exclusive property sales agent for Travel Agency “Putnik”

* Exclusive property sales agent for “Cinemas Belgrade”

* Expert Consultant for Real Estate “Delta Sport”

* Expert Consultant for Real Estate “MK KOMERC”

* Contractor at “GRAMMER” – factory opening in the Republic of Serbia – Aleksinac

* Property evaluation of German Embassy in Belgrade

* Property evaluation of the land for new USA Embassy in Belgrade

* “TETRAPAK – BRZANPLAST” – integration, the only factory in Europe with software for separating aluminum and paper when recycling


* Permanent legal advisor of Patriarchal Board of Serbian Orthodox Church

* Project Coordinator of the project of reconstruction and protection of ‘’The Bishop Nikolaj Museum’’ – Lelici, Valjevo

* Autonomous Women’s Center – Network against family violence – active member

* Member of the Consortium Investment Fund of Deutsche bank, Stuttgart, for construction of tourist resort “Prcanj” in the Republic of Montenegro

* Organizing conference “Development of medium-sized enterprises in the Balkans” on the use and management of EU funds with the support of EU and ”Institute Mittelstand”

* Permanent consulting for “Institute Mittelstand” for the support of EU funds in the Balkans

* Member of the Association of Lobbyists of Serbia


* Enterpreneurship

* International economy

* Investment and Legal counseling

* Business forums and project development and implementation

* Finding new markets and new technologies

* Publications, stands, roundtables and debates


Belgrade, 17 Stojana Protica str.


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