Darko B. VukovicEconomist

areas of expertise
  • Regional economy
  • Spatial and institutional economics, macroeconomics
  • Economic and regional geography, institutional economics
  • Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade

  • Faculty of Economics, University of Kragujevac

  • Geographical Institute „Jovan Cvijic“

Dr Darko Vukovic was born on 13.07.1978. in Serbia, where he completed his elementary and high school. He graduated at the Faculty of Economics in University of Belgrade, department of economics analyses and politics. At the same faculty he obtained Magisterium degree on the course of Governing the State in the Markets economy. During the postgraduate studies he defended two assignments: IS-LM model from Hicks to Krugman and The gray economy in Serbia and recommendations for its legalization. Exams from the syllabi he passed an average score of 9.89. Magisterium thesis entitled: Micro risks of appropriability in Serbia: the institutional aspect, He defended in December 2009.

In 2007, He also attended specialized program in the field of Human Resource Management, Wirtschafts Universitat Wien – classes: Bucharest, Belgrade, Zagreb, Budapest, Vienna, Bratislava, and Prague, where he obtained a diploma from this summer university in the field of human resource management in multinational companies. Title of qualification awarded: Specialization. Name and type of organisation providing education and training: Wirtchaft University Vienna, Austria.

Regional Competitiveness and The secondary sector of Serbia under the project Geography of Serbiathe Union – as an author of the chapters

In 2013, He defended doctoral dissertation at University of Kragujevac, Faculty of Economics, scientific area – regional economics, titled: Model of regional competitiveness: theoretical-methodological analysis and possibilities of application in Serbia.

His professional interests are: regional economy, spatial economics, economic geography, regional geography, institutional economics, macroeconomics, international economics, portfolio management, securities and investment.


+381 (11) 2627 272; +381 (63) 8381 969
Belgrade, 12 Zmaj Jovina St., SERBIA


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