Ana SargicIFM Representative in the United Arabic Emirates

Ana Sargic - UAE - Serbia
areas of expertise
  • Business Development
  • Business Management
  • Strong Networking Expertise
  • Studied Economics
  • Representing International Companies
  • Strong Connections to the Middle East
  • Former Miss Yugoslavia
  • Networking & Business Development Expertise
  • Privatization of Government-Owned Companies
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Representing Internation Companies

IFM Representative in the United Arabic Emirates

The holder of various licenses and owner of different companies along the board.

Focused on troubleshooting, networking and constantly connecting the dots between businesses who are about to transform/expand.

She grew in her career, initially with the fashion industry and later in the business world.

In 2002, she won the title ‚Miss Yugoslavia‘ and represented Yugoslavia on Miss World the very same year achieving the 11th position.

She studied business management and focused on business development full time.

She is holding a Bachelor Degree in Economics.

Worked on various government projects, privatization of government-owned companies in ex Yugoslavia countries. Besides East Europe countries she lived and worked in UAE, Kazakhstan, Germany and South Africa.

She dealt with various embassies, ministries and all government entities while working on her investment projects. Besides government projects, she assisted in mergers, strategic partnerships, joint ventures and business investment to achieve mutual success. She represented many international companies while working on their expansion into UAE market.

Oil and gas companies, constriction and transport companies, military companies, energy companies, natural stone companies, food companies etc.. She spread ahead huge projects in collaboration with UAE royalty.

Successfully connecting patent holders from Russia with one of the top 10 families in the UAE and supporting Serbian and Balkan businesses into a transition to the Middle East.

Additional Contact Information

+491 72 73 40 745 Germany

+381 65 50 81 036 Serbia

+971 56 18 97 372  UAE 


Franzesbarder Str 1, 14193, Berlin


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