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Karl-Heinz Stiegemann
Chairman, IFM Institut für den Mittelstand

Strategic Business Planning

Company’s success is built on financial and strategic planning. These two planning methods have divergent focuses. Financial planning focuses on your finances over time in such manner that you can meet your business needs. On the other side, we have strategic planning as the process of setting direction and goals for your company as well as deciding which way are you going to achieve those goals. Still, these methods are related to one another, and those relations impact overall planning process.


First thing after developing strategic plan for your business is determining what options can you entertain based on the amount of money you have (if your company has 20 000$ budget and there are 3 options of developing your strategic plan a) 24 000$ b) 20 000$ and c) 18 000$, first option is not affordable so you can develop plans around other two options). Strategic planning should develop a scheme of the progress of your business which should help you eliminate areas of inefficiency. That way your incomes will grow and expenses will decrease as an obvious evidence of stability and growth.

Most of the time both methods intertwine, working together in a cyclic way, change of strategic plan generally implies change of financial plan and vice versa. Our trained experts will guide you through these processes in a manner that will improve your companies liquidity and development rate.

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