Personal Development & Recruitment

Company development and success lies on unfolding the full potential of employees and their skill set. For reaching those goals, you need an environment that both, encourages and demands personal development. Developing employees talents and expertise enhances not just the quality of products and services your company provides but also helps you contribute to the healthier environment and human relations.

Helping others develop is also included in the personal development, and it can be achieved through mentoring (teaching) or through a professional service. Trained experts and specialist on our team will assist you in finding the right way to implement personal development system, maintain and evolve it.

Personal Development & Recruitment

IFM team of trained consultants works with both clients and candidates to form meaningful and long-term business relationships.

Finding most suitable candidates and coordinating them through temporary or permanent positions in companies is recruitment consultants job. Recruitment consultants work with both companies and individuals helping them develop a relationship and meet needed requirements for both sides.

Advertising job offers through various medias as well as through networking or searching through referrals in order to get suitable candidates to compete for the position in the company is recruitment consultants assignment. Also interviewing and doing background checks before matching them with clients.

how can Institute for small and medium-sized enterprises & regional development assist?

Contact us in your country (if represented) or directly to our main office.

The demands for financial institutions have changed a bit. Obfuscation is no longer accepted, which is why our B2B Business Platform is so perfect.

Karl-Heinz Stiegemann
Chairman, IFM Institut für den Mittelstand

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