Management Consulting

Think your business forward.

At the IFM entrepreneurs find partners, who think and act alike, as being entrepreneurs themselves.

This philosophy and the profound understanding of the concerns of SMEs puts the IFM in the position to provide new impulses and tangible contributions to the commercial success of their clients.

The range of services is strictly directed at the relevant issues of SMEs. A comprehensive solution competence, interdisciplinary teamwork and always holistic view of the company ensure that all services are perfectly matched.

The bond to the SME sector is also reflected by the fact that the partners of the IFM are consulting companies, which are independent, self-financed and shareholder-operated companies. Because of this, the IFM stands out in the competitive environment, which is dominated by large consulting firms, as the IFM clearly focuses on services for SMEs.

This reflection on the relevant competencies is supported by experts of the IFM, using their specific and in-depth knowledge to assist the medium-sized business owners in its decisions and therefore contribute to its success.