IT Law

Information technology laws allow the legal framework to gather, accumulate and distribute electronic information in the global marketplace. Individuals and companies from all sort of industries hire lawyers that are practicing in IT Law area. Maximizing clients commercial success while establishing regulatory compliance is their primary goal. Another part of their job is predicting potential causes of dispute between two parties as well as making arrangements concerning these problems to diminish chances for the lawsuit.

Ignorantia iuris nocet or in translation from Latin: ignorance of the law harms, one of the fundamental principles of law.


If the trial in the information technology area is inevitable, IT law experts can become valuable asset prior to the general legal practitioner. Our experts are lawyers with practical experience in the IT industry and their background allows them to be more effective in leading cases. Their knowledge makes it easier to analyze technical concepts in front of jury or a judge
Information technology law firms tend to hire lawyers with practical experience working in the industry prior to entering the legal profession. With such a background, a lawyer is more efficient at explaining technical concepts to a judge or jury.

Key issues regarding IT Law:

  • Data privacy and security
  •  Electronic Signature Laws
  •  Software Licensing
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