EU Taxes

What is the Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base (CCCTB)?

The Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base includes standardised rules that companies operating in the European Union can apply for calculating their taxable profits. In other words, a company or, if the conditions of the guidelines are met, a group of companies only have to follow the rules of a single EU system for computing its profits for tax purposes. It is therefore no longer necessary to comply with all different national rules of the Member States in which companies operate.

In addition, companies only need to submit a single tax summary for all of their activities within the European Union using the CCCTB system. The consolidated taxable profits of a company are then assigned, based on an easy to use formula, to individual companies out of the group. The member states will then be able to apply their national tax rate to the companies that are located in their country.

The standardised base is by no means to be confused with a harmonisation of tax rates in the European Union. Tax rates remain national sovereignty. Brussels does not touch the national tax authority.