HR Consulting

Demand for skilled workers is growing aacross Europe. It is to no wonder that a true talent migration is taking place – the specialists go to wherever the demand is there.

The latest report of the World Economic Forum „Human Capital Report 2016“ shows the global talent flows based on these data. Experts and executives are leaving their home countries, for example in Greece and Finland – both countries are losing their technical skills. A so called „brain drain“ is occuring, whereas Germany is benefitting from experts and their knowledge coming to work in Germany. Almost 75 % of medium-sized companies and 42 % of large companies are on the look for suitable specialists and executives across Europe.

But where do the right talents hide? Current data show in which countries specific knowledge is particularly frequent. Germans are, according to their own data, experienced in project management. Dutch people have the most coaching experience, Spaniards and Portuguese see their strengths in conversation and company management. In Greece and England, on the other hand, people are experienced with customer service staff. For colleagues with programming skills, the best place to look for personnel is Poland and Romania.

This of course, also is dependent on cultural conditions of the countries: the fact that customer service is not as important in Germany as in the Anglo-Saxon language region, will not surprise the few.

The IFM’s experts are available to help medium-sized companies in their search for specialists and executives, knowing where to look for which specifications.