Funding Scout

Through the funding jungle with the IFM

By using funds you have another option to  finance the realisation of your investments and projects. However, a variety of rules and regulations, which are differ from state to state in Germany and from country to country in the EU, do not make it particularly easy to find the according funding. An immense funding jungle opens up in to investors, making it hard to navigate through it.

The „FörderScoutIFM“ helps you find a general first path through the funding jungle. It gives you an overview of options available to obtain additional financial resources and other support for your investment. The aim of this overview is to give you the chance to craft your investment in a unique and personal way so you can obtain the right funding. Often times readily composed investment applications are rejected, because of unmet conditions. However with a slight change in the design of the investment, funding would have been possible. It is therefore important to check the possibility of funding before formulating the final aim of a project.