One of the main goals of regional development strategies and programs is improving the quality of life within the EU and its candidates, referring notably to social and economic stability. As imbalances between different regions occur inevitably, especially in times of economic crisis and recession, providing an efficient framework for regional development allows the European Union to preserve peaceful coexistence and gradually remove sources of imbalances creation.

European Economic and Social Committee has established EU funds in order to financially support governments and other local regulatory entities to deal with respective imbalances. Covering variety of public and private spending and investment decisions, EU funds represent a concrete long-term financial plan with the goal to promote equality of development, investment and opportunities, contributing to economic prosperity. Consequently, EU funds represent an appropriate and convenient solution to reducing the level of development imbalance between diverging regions, in both social and economic terms, allowing them to gradually achieve a considerable level of convergence. Nevertheless, particular attention is also devoted to technological development as well as to agricultural and rural development all with goal of reducing unequal development and promoting the implementation of more efficient policies which would at the same time allow competitiveness but also manage to preserve the quality of economic decision-making and market development. Our well trained experts are always ready to provide necessary actions needed to obtain support from the ERDF in favor of small and medium-sized enterprises. Together with EU funds and your company’s devotion to hard work, we will support job creation, business competitiveness, economic growth, sustainable development, and improve citizens’ quality of life.

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