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For SMEs, the establishment of a risk management system is essential to their survival, since it affects their ability to continue to receive credit from banks.


When rating a SME, the lending bank will also assess the proper implementation of a risk management system.

Thomas Henschel presents a scoring approach, which

  • allows the evaluation of risk management in businesses and also their system of planning and corporate governance
  • is very transparent and thus can easily be adapted for similar research problems of risk management
  • allows a differentiated assessment of separate scoring figures for each component of a holistic risk management system.

This book provides you precise recommendations for the implementation of an effective risk management.

The Autor:

Dr. Thomas Henschel is a lecturer in Accounting at Edinburgh Napier University, UK. He was until 2008 a senior lecturer/assistant professor at Hochschule Merseburg, Germany and HTWK Leipzig, Germany. Previously, he worked for five years in an international auditing firm. He is focused on supporting SMEs in business planning and risk management practices.

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