A strong network for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Working together to bring small and medium-sized enterprises to the front line. That is the target of the IFM. The Institute for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises is organized as a network of highly-specialized experts from various areas(places) and many European countries. One will find various experts working for the IFM, such as certified public accountants, tax accountants, architects, engineers and corporate consultants from almost all over Europe.
However different the special subjects and the origin of the individual members may be – they all have one/the same thing in common: the strong interest of the small and medium sized enterprises special concerns, since each of our experts is an entrepreneur of a small and medium-sized enterprise, him- or herself. And highly attentive in further developing the European interest and importance of small and medium sized enterprises
The IFM combines the knowledge of experienced and successful entrepreneurs, who all know each other’s concerns and combine the same idea. They are reaching for long-term success. They all know that it is necessary to develop diversified solutions, stretching far beyond their actual core competence. Since entrepreneurial activities are permanently becoming more complex and diversified.

The IFM organizes brings business personalities together. Furthermore the IFM takes care of a lively and fertile exchange and communication in their business clubs at national and as well as international locations – be that in Brussels, Berlin, Istanbul or Milan.