In what we believe, according to how we act

We regard companies as individuals.

Every enterprise is unique. This is the key to each enterprises‘ success. This uniqueness must always be taken into consideration, when individual solutions are needed. If necessary, a specifically tailored team of IFM experts must and will be formed to succeed in assisting the individual enterprise’s needs.

We stand for competence.

We have highest expectations of our experts and therefore strict criteria apply for selecting experts to partner up with. Apart from excellent expert knowledge, social competence aswell as long years of experience as entrepreneurs are decisive for our selection process. Especially for finding solutions of any kind of problem which may occur with  European institutions.

We promote the dialogue.

One does not cope with large-scale challenges just by himself, but best with partners, who all share or shared similar challenges and experiences. All experts of the IFM are well aware of the typical challanges small and medium-sized enterprises face.

We believe in authenticity and tradition.

The IFM promotes small and medium-sized enterprises, but always with comprehensive respect for the tradition of the company. The maintenance of value is a central idea in the philosophy of the IFM. Especially in case of questions concerning the handing over of a company and successor generations.

We are discreet.

Entrepreneurial decisions are based on information which are sensitive and highly confidential. The IFM treats all information with maximal confidentiality – this way we are able to implement and realize best solutions.

We are neutral.

The IFM operates independently of public and private institutions, financial service providers and consulting firms. This neutrality grants us access to various national and international banks and other institutions.