With the IFM through the funding jungle

Through the use of subsidies, you can also finance the realization of your investment. However, a large number of regulations and regulations, which vary from country to country in Germany and in the EU, make it uneasy to find the relevant subsidies. A true subsidy jungle takes place before the investor.

The IFM conveyor scout helps you to find a first path through the conveyor jungle. It gives you an overview of the options available to get additional financial resources and other support for your investment. The aim of this overview is to give you the opportunity to shape your investment in such a way that you can get funding. Often it happens that funding applications are rejected for investments which are already finished, because the conditions are not fulfilled. However, a slight change in the investment design would have been possible. It is therefore important to examine the possible funding possibilities before finalizing the objective.

The IFM’s support scout , which you can download here:

FoerderScoutIFM (DE)

Please fill out the delivery scout and send us the completed form simply by e-mail to info@institut-mittelstand.eu .