Institute for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises

The Institute

The IFM is a network of highly specialised European experts with an extensive range of services from areas of funding services, IT security, consulting of family businesses, legal- economic- and tax consulting, M&A and human resource consulting.

The IFM accumulates the knowledge of the experts with the aim to support SMEs so that they can continuously grow and evolve sustainably. The IFM is becoming the first contact partner for SMEs in Germany and Europe for a constantly growing circle.

Our Origin

The IFM opens up opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises in Germany and Europe. It was founded by experts, who are proven to have long-term experience regarding small and medium-sized enterprises. The original founding partners originate from various professions and European nations.

In the meantime, numerous additional partners have been following the idea and vision to strongly promote small and medium-sized entrepreneurs in Europe. Therefore, they jointly represent the interests of small and medium-sized enterprises in the European economic region.

Commitment, experience and expertise were combined in an specially built European corporate society: The IFM European Business Support EWIV (EWIV in English: European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG)). In order to guarantee high quality within the IFM, a membership is subject to strict selection criteria. Therefore, becoming partner of the IFM only is possible to those who fulfil the given criteria, admit themselves to small and medium enterprises and strongly identify with the IFM’s ideas.

Our Beliefs

According to the statutes of the IFM, the institute especially serves the purpose of supporting entrepreneurial small and medium-sized enterprises in the countries of the EU, the European economic area and third countries – regarding commercial, economic, financial as well as political matters.

The independent IFM European Business Support is financed by its own resources, which are fully provided by the member fees. Organs of the EWIV are the management, the supervisory board and the economic advisory boards (ggf. wegkürzen, da ohne Kontext).

European idea

Network of Individuals

The European idea for small and medium-sized enterprises.