Management & Structure

Long years of entrepreneurial success, the profound understanding of the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises as well as sound competence in a medium-sized company-related expert area are the qualities of the experts of the IFM.

This especially applies to the IFM management.

Management of the IFM Institut für den Mittelstand and Regional Development e.V.GmbH  is represented by their Chairman Karl-Heinz StiegemannDr. Jens Bücking, Patrick Schlessinger, Prof. Thomas Paul, Dr. Paris Kokorotsikos, Jeremy Summers and Zoran Barac

The Management Board is accompanied by the members of the European Economic Advisory Board managed by Chairman President of the IFM, Prof. Thomas Paul.

Karl-Heinz Stiegemann looks back on almost 30 years of experience as Director of COMMERZBANK and member of the Board of the Stadtsparkasse Düsseldorf. In these positions, he was responsible for credit-transactions with medium-sized enterprises and financing for the commercial real estate. In addition, he represented COMMERZBANK and Stadtsparkasse Düsseldorf in numerous supervisory boards, advisory committees and in investment committees of large institutional capital investors. His responsibilities also lay in the management of an advisory department for entrepreneurs starting their own company and in a private equity company, which invested exclusively in medium-sized companies. Together with the NRW Bank, he also founded a start-up fund.

Prof. Thomas Paul, a Managing Partner of paul and collegen Berlin, looks back to over 15 years of taking over companies or groups in critical situations, responsible at board and management level. As Responsible for restructuring (CRO) or the commercial part (CFO) he has been involved in the drafting relevant programs of measures and implementing them.

Jeremy Summers has been an IP/commercial lawyer for almost 25 years. His work covers traditional IP issues, from patent licensing, portfolio management through to global IP restructuring. He is also heavily involved in anti-counterfeiting and anti-piracy issues.

Dr Jens Bücking Lawyer and Partner of  e|s|b – Rechtsanwälte, Stuttgart. Dr. Bücking is founding member of the law firm e|s|b Rechtsanwälte; this is the first company with a comprehensive range of information in the German area of internet (1995), which at an early point of time could gain a high reputation concerning the areas of IT law, right of intellectual property, new media as well as interbank market law and capital market law.

Patrick Schlessinger Partner of FINAPORT Ltd., Switzerland Patrick Schlessinger offers unbiased and flexible investment advice to meet the specific needs of our clients, reacting quickly to market and personal changes. He and his colleagues provide solutions from an entirely different perspective.

Zoran Barac completed studies of law in both former Yugoslavia and at the Free University in Berlin, what gave him an extremely valuable foundation for advising and representing in matters pertaining to the international affairs. The development of law and especially the law reform in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia, both in their correlation and based on the alignment with EU-Acquis represent the focus of his professional and academic interest. Through his work for Senate of Economics of the Berlin Senate and the Eastern Institute of the Free University of Berlin during his professional career, he became a specialist in international affairs in relation to the countries of the Western Balkans.