We would like to draw your attention to a survey on the topic „Knowledge/Risk Management“ of our IFM Representative Partner Dr. Susanne Durst, Associate Professor of Business Administration, School of Business, University of Skövde, Sweden

You are invited to participate in a survey that aims at developing a better understanding of the current state of knowledge, knowledge risks and their management in organizations all over the world. This understanding is very important as it will help to assess the stage of knowledge (risk) management and based on that improve extant approaches or come up with entirely new ones. This will allow organizations to better manage their knowledge and knowledge risks. Therefore, your cooperation is an important part of the successful realisation of this research project as you have the relevant knowledge and experience at your disposal.

As a small thank for your participation, we would like to offer you a summary of the study which ideally supports your practical work.

sussane durst sweden
Dr Susanne Durst

It will take approximately 15 minutes to complete the questionnaire. Your participation in this study is completely voluntary and there are no foreseeable risks associated with this project. However, if you feel uncomfortable answering any questions, you can withdraw from the survey at any point.

Your survey responses will be kept strictly confidential and data from this research will be reported only in the aggregate. Your information will be coded and will remain confidential.

If you have questions at any time about the survey or the procedures, you may contact the principal investigator Susanne Durst by email at

Thank you very much for your time and support.

Link for participation:

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