In IFM we notice that finding startup capital and investors is not that much of a problem, there is always someone out there ready to invest in good ideas.

The number of ideas is ever-increasing, and this is where we get to the problem, which ideas are good and promising investments,  when is the right time to invest in them, how to make the best use of them. These are just some questions you have to ask before deciding are you going to invest and where are you going to invest.

As an organization with experience from various economic periods, we learned to identify best opportunities and best time to invest in them. With the help of our experience and expertise, your decisions will remain unquestionable. We have built a network that is ready to provide both ideas and investments.  Our network will help investors can find investments and vice versa. If you already own small or medium enterprise and you are looking for a way to reach new markets, customers and investments our well-trained teams will help you but also if you are looking for good ideas to invest in we can help you too. We are there to connect promising investments with trustworthy investors.


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IT security

The IFM IT specialists will provide you with assurance from robbery or the harm to the equipment, programming or the data on them.

Strategic Business Planning

The IFM experts will help you set direction and goals for success for your company.

Rating Consulting

Clients ratings affect on determining the creditworthiness of corporations and business.

M&A Consulting

The IFM will work alongside you on consolidation processes and help you keep companies stability.

Real Estate & Property Management

The IFM’s teams are trained to manage your real estates and properties in best possible manner.

Risk Management

The IFM’s leading experts will equip you with the knowledge and confidence required to stand out in the business world.

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