IFM Goes Digital

Use your chance! Your clients go global and you would want to follow them. Do it with IFM!

IFM is a network of highly specialised European consultancies. They are working in an extensive range of different areas. In time of globalisation, they are working cross border in 16 European countries. More than 800 employees of the consultancies affiliated to the IFM are in contact with more than 80.000 enterprises in Europe. But the market is much larger than you think! In Europe are more than 22.000.000 enterprises registered, which are interested in spreading through the European market. The different situation in every European country, especially for economic law and market of employees make it necessary, that they find high-quality consultants from different areas working in teams, cross – border.

IFM is going digital, by using a modern website and social media presence. Therefore we have created a new website with all information you need and especially a high-tech web desk for networking and project management for your customers.

Show your clients that you go above your regional market and have access to every point in Europe they want to reach.

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