E-Commerce thought new: IFM announces All-in-One Online Marketplace

Mittelstand Platform combines B2B, B2C, B2G, C2C, Support & Service Marketplaces into one system.


Ever thought about going global with your business? You can now put that dream into practice! International markets are waiting to be explored: for online businesses, there is an infinite potential customer base all around the globe. Surely, it would be great to reach out to them. The question is how to get in touch with the world – and we have got the answer for you.

IFM Institut für den Mittelstand excitedly introduces the new Mittelstand Platform. The easy idea: we provide you with the Platform to share your business – a place where your ideas are not limited in any way. Would you like to offer a service? You have a product to post? Whether you sell digital or physical goods, Mittelstand Platform will be your place to start. The online marketplace is appealing to every company, vendor and individual with a great concept. We believe in your ideas and help you spread your market. The world is awaiting you out there, and the IFM opens you a window to it! Take a deep breath and just climb out. You will see, our Platform meets your exact needs. We have all the business options you require – tied together in a sleek design.

How that works?

Mittelstand Platform combines B2B, B2C, B2G, C2C, Support & Service Marketplaces into one system. The future of E-Commerce is here for you! With our one-for-all Platform, it gets easier than ever to connect yourself with both customers and business partners worldwide. Our marketplace is developed to give you the full experience of global business. It is all here, right on the world wide web. To be managed by just a few clicks.

Want to get started?

Leave local limits in the past. With our online Platform, you can get in touch with customers from every continent! And more than that, we are happy to offer you several extra services to help your business prosper.

First of all, contact with other international businesses is part of your experience with the Mittelstand Platform. The IFM as a network has always promoted dialogue and continues to do so with the new Platform. And of course, our marketplace helps you out with direct information regarding companies, vendors and service providers from all over the world. We take support for our users seriously.

Surely, we know that it can be a lot of work to run an online shop. Mittelstand Platform takes that weight off of your shoulders. For you, we offer special brochure readers. They allow an automated import of products directly to your own store on the Platform. Sounds easy, right?

We have carefully thought about these features to make your step to an international online shop a smooth one. If your fingers are itching already now, then join us! The IFM is proud that our network of members keeps growing every day.

The IFM is here for you

To set up our new E-Commerce system, we have assembled the whole IFM expertise for you. Our Institute for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises lives through its network: highly experienced consultancies get together with us. Established in Germany, we are currently represented in 16 European countries where we help the European Regional Development. We believe in small and mid-sized enterprises as the heart of the economy. Following this belief, we aim at bringing your business forward. Our profile already includes different offline services such as walk-in office visits, the organization of regional conferences and the coordination of joint projects. And of course, our members strive towards a cross-European and cross-industry marketing.

With our Mittelstand Platform, we are now diving deep into new waters. But no worries, swimming with us is safe – our experience is your life vest. The IFM has defined authenticity, discretion and individuality as its core values, and they surely have fed into the creation of the new Platform.

Our aim? A lively community.

Mittelstand Platform is what you make it. We are eager to get in touch with you! Our E-Commerce system is intuitive in its use and will delight you with many different functions to choose from. So better get yourself prepared: the Mittelstand Platform is coming. We are thrilled to announce that the whole voyage will start upcoming spring. By the end of March, we are going to launch our marketplace. The IFM will be happy to greet you as a new partner and open the window to international online business for you! Let us keep in touch!

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