Credit charges for company credits are not permitted

Credit charges for company credits are not permitted

The IFM will check for you whether you also have a claim for repayment of fees!

Banks have wrongly asked for processing charges for loans from companies. Affected persons are entitled to repayment.

One Right after the other: First the Federal Supreme Court (BGH) is topping the charges for consumer loans in 2014, then they declare 2016 fees for building loan inadmissible. Now the judge hammer:

Processing charges for corporate loans are unlawful (Az. XI ZR 562/15 and XI ZR 233/16). Banks must cover their costs through the interest, process a loan is not a service for the customer, it is said.

The judgment can be expensive for banks. Companies usually take high loans. In addition, many contracts are concluded, not just one, but several contracts. The processing fee amounts to up to three per cent of the loan sum. For example, in some loans five or six-digit amounts come together – per loan.

In the two cases negotiated before the Federal Supreme Court (BGH), there were processing fees of 30,000 and 13,500 Euro. Banks must pay back the money to the entrepreneurs.

Companies can capitalise retroactive capital from the highest court decision – provided the claims are not time-barred. Until the end of this year, entitlement to fees from 2014 onwards existed.

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