Consulting Medium Sized Businesses During the Period of Globalisation

Consulting for medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) is characterised by large challenge – phenomenon called globalisation.

For the European SMEs, mainly financing and tax issues were the focus until 5 to 10 years ago. To this end, the companies most frequently turned to their regional tax consultants, legal advisers, auditors or the house bank. With the change of the economic world (globalisation, digitisation, growth opportunities), more and more SMEs are looking for consulting services, which can only be ensured by a European network of consultants. From IFM experience with the search, evaluation and selection of consultants for medium-sized companies, IFM can especially emphasise the following requirements:

  • knowledge about unknown markets or identify new business areas
  • make use of competencies and experiences from other projects, companies or industries
  • time, capacity and necessary expertise

For medium-sized entrepreneurs, personal relationships or recommendations play a very important role. But just in cross-border issues, many entrepreneurs don’t get along with the personal network. If medium-sized companies do not have the relevant experience and no referral network or personal relationships, the use of IFM support for the identification and selection of the right consultant is recommended, as these are decisive for the success of the project and therefore for the return on investment.

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