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Becoming IFM’s certified expert requires social, technological and methodical expertise in consulting. Participating in company’s capital as a senior executive, knowledge and experience with consultation methods, private contact and customer network, experience in communication, conflict management, etc. are just some features necessary for applying to get our certificate.  Even tho certification process is still not fully defined we are following the practice of actual institutions and associations (DEKRA, German Confederation BDU Management Consultant).

There are four steps you need to pass while acquiring IFM certificate.

The first step implies sending information about the candidate:

  1. Training/study / career / educational activities
  2. List of Publications / Awards/expertise (technical and additional qualifications)
  3. Languages spoken
  4. Memberships in associations/institutions
  5. Specific experience in defined areas
  6. Giving references (at least two) which are being inspected by the Examination Committee.

The Certification Commission should be led by the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of IFM EWIV.

And the final step is certification, based on the positive decision of the Certification Commission applicant is given the title of „Certified IFM consultant“ and will be awarded officially.

IFM Certfified Individuals

After positive evaluation of the Examination Committee (step two)  third step is the interview with two IFM experts during which you will be asked questions using a standardised sheet/interview guide and based on personal assessments of the IFM experts.

After interview IFM experts will provide the Certification Commission with a written report and recommendation available.

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The IFM IT specialists will provide you with assurance from robbery or the harm to the equipment, programming or the data on them.

Strategic Business Planning

The IFM experts will help you set direction and goals for success for your company.

Rating Consulting

Clients ratings affect on determining the creditworthiness of corporations and business.

The IFM will work alongside you on consolidation processes and help you keep companies stability.

Real Estate & Property Management

The IFM’s teams are trained to manage your real estates and properties in best possible manner

The IFM’s leading experts will equip you with the knowledge and confidence required to stand out in the business world.

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IFM CERTIFIED EXPERT is the prestigious financial expert award, carefully chosen by IFM Members & Board, issued by the IFM.

How to Become Certified?

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  • Phenomenal success in our target
  • Retain, high-paying customers
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  • Leadership skills to manage team
  • Generating millions of dollars

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Financial Services 87%
Business Services 75%
Consumer Products 63%
Energy and Environment 50%

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