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IFM e.V. Department for Regional Development and European Affairs with five principals dedicated to integrity and excellence in economic and financial consulting.

Through gaining experience in various economic periods, our team are able to identify the best opportunities whether we are in good times or bad times. Good times provide growth in our portfolio and bad times, despite the potential negative effects, can provide opportunities.

European Regional Development & European Affairs is the chamber which is managed by Dr Birgit Schliewenz & represented by all IFM members, in a common goal, which is Regional Development.

Small & Medium Sized Enterprises are the basis of per person growth and measure of inventiveness in one society which can be economically measured.
Property Management, M&A, Restructuring, Capital Investment, Investors in Companies, Investment in Projects, Regional Business Communication, Water sources, European Landowners, Tax Advisory, International Taxes Experts, IT Security & IT Infrastructure.

PEOPLE. Skilled, certified, chosen only by their skill & abilities.

Institute members are always available and easy to work with, but very Skilled, certified individuals, chosen by their skill & abilities, tested by time & Business involvement.

Project Development - Regional DevelopmentFinancial, business & international law services we provide

Represented Everywhere
In Europe

Represented everywhere in Europe, with the main goal of supporting, assisting & growth of the small & medium sized companies. Their business needs are covered using our network of certified individuals.

Financial Services

Competing on the quality of life & experience in growth in a way that they never experienced before EU Market, unaware that actual motor of ALL EU societies usually is his small and medium sized business & people involved.

Business Services

EU MARKET INSIGHT — Because we are leading business consultancy network delivering results and insight, knowledge & support for businesses & people involved.

Networking & Interaction
European Network

Engage with actual results and inspire the media — we ensure ideas, projects or brands are being seen and heard in all the Public & Official Funding Channels.

Spreading Markets

Institute that offers the confidential network to make financial advising and provide the actual investments in potential services or partners, from the initial sketches to the final construction.

Market Connection Between Many

Spreading your markets by successfully connecting you with European Union Countries. Support is given by Business Finance Experts Certified by Institut Fur Den Mittelstand in Berlin, Germany.

Developing Regions

  • Strengthening of European regions by developing and supporting enterprises and the business environment
  • Development of the IFM e.V. competence in European regional development
  • Creating consulting offers of the IFM e.V. for regional actors and enterprises


Institut für den Mittelstand e.V.

Core competencies: Regional development and consultancy for regional development, European Expert Network, contacts to relevant European institutions, business consultancy, acquisition of public funding

Managing & Consulting

Financial Business Services 89%
Insights & Market Assisting 75%
Public Funding Assiting & Support 63%
Managing of projects & Infrastructure 50%

European Business Support & Involved People To Help You Spread your Markets. Involved in Regional Development. European Countries

  • Establishing fruitful contacts with European institutions, acquisition of EU-funds
  • Offers for consultancy and training for regional actors (esp. Regional Development Agencies)
  • Offers for consultancy and training for enterprises
  • IFM e.V. exists as a European Expert Network
  • Acquisition of EU-funds for common projects (members of the IFM e.V. )
  • Increasing request from regional actors for high-quality consultancy in matters of regional development and training, esp. related to European issues
  • Increasing demand from enterprises for high specialised consultancy in all areas of business activities

Members of this chamberSkilled consultants, Tax Advisors & Lawyers from more than 20 European Countries

regional development

  • Cooperation with EU-institutions, development of common projects and application for EU-funds in supporting core competencies of the IFM e.V.,   consultancy for members and partners of the IFM e.V. in order to access financial support (there is a separate document for this task
  • Development of training and consultancy offers for Regional Development Agencies and other regional actors
  • Development of specialised training and consultancy offers for enterprises
  • The head of this department is responsible for the organisational and financial activity, the position of head of the department has to be a full-time job
  • The members of the IFM e.V. ensure the first working period and the main tasks of the department, also with their contributions as members: cooperation with EU-institutions, development of common projects, acquisition of EU-funds, promotion of projects and offers
  • Members of the IFM e.V. have to elaborate consultancy and training offers in accordance with their competences and opportunities for regional actors and enterprises
  • The offers will be used in promoting the aims of IFM e.V. and recruiting new members
  1. Building and financing of a small team for establishing the Department for Regional Development and Europe
  2. Debates with the national and regional representatives of the IFM e.V. regarding the core competencies, the establishing of the Department for RDE focussed on objectives of common projects
  3. Development of consultancy and training offers for regional actors and enterprises in the next half year, methods for developing the offers by the European Expert Network of IFM e.V.
  4. Elaboration of a marketing plan for the IFM e.V.

The RDE Department could represent the core for a later Institut for Regional Development and Enterprises in Europe with departments centred on research and development which also should be providing services for members, partners and customers in marketing consultancy and training offers.

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